A predictable and awkwardly self-aware yet hopefully entertaining review of the music that defined the more manic half of this year for many (March-August)

This past year has sucked.

Obviously we all know it, so I won’t waste any time introducing this fucked up year any further. We’ve all had a shit time in different ways, and there’s no use adding to the shit, so here instead is a list of releases which have made the shit smell a little less, for me at least. Here we go:


This record, preceded by the extremely danceable and briefly club-ruling single…

RATING: 9.5/10

Album Cover, stereogum.com

Miss Charli has done it again. She has created a masterpiece. But this time, she has not only created a masterpiece — she has created the world’s very first quarantine rave. The quintessential quarantine album for the paradoxically overly-introspective party animals among us, “how i’m feeling now” is both Charli at her most honest and stripped down, and Charli at her most hyped up. A project for the ages, this album is simply incredible, despite one or two weaker songs — a consistent feature of Charli’s otherwise ethereal creations. I have taken the entire day to review her…

I am a Jew. Throughout my life, and especially as a college student, one of my strongest identifiers, both in my own eyes and the eyes of others, is my Jewish heritage and culture. My family shares a common narrative with many other North American Jews — my ancestors fled violence and persecution in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, arrived in New York City, and within a single generation, the legacy of the shtetl (a Yiddish word to describe the poor villages in which Jews were made to live under the Russian Empire) was mostly overwritten, and my…

Why debating Israel’s existence is counterproductive to the pro-Palestine cause.

Photo: Shutterstock

[Originally written July 25, 2017.]

As the crisis at Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount slows down with the removal of the metal detectors, I’ve been left in a state of confusion and cognitive dissonance. I’ve been living in Jerusalem for seven weeks now, and all of my experiences have changed my view of this situation radically.

Since being here, I have had many of my beliefs about Israel confirmed. Upon arrival, I was immediately subject to state-sanctioned profiling for the first time in my life. I was very nearly not let into the…

“THIS IS SUCH A BOP!!!! This song is SO OLD!!!” I scream as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams appears on my Spotify queue.

The song came out barely four years ago.

This sort of precocious nostalgia seems to be epidemic among people today, and especially among my generation. Of course, I don’t have any answers as to why this might be the case, but I certainly have a few theories.

My first theory is that the world is simply moving faster these days than it ever did before, and because we, as young people, are so deeply immersed in it, we…

Matt Simkowitz

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